Over The Rainbow: The (Yellow Brick) Road to Enlightenment

By Irwin Ozborne Contributing Writer for Wake Up World In junior high school, I was a painfully shy student. It was to the point I would go through an entire week without peeping a single sound. While it was quite easy to shield my anxiety during most classroom activity, the lunchroom was always my greatest test. How could I possibly hide myself in a crowded cafeteria? There [read more...]


Magnesium is an extremely important mineral, as it is essential for hundreds of metabolic processes in the human body. Just as an example, the all-important calcium requires magnesium to transport it where it needs to go. However, many of us are deficient, causing a variety of symptoms. This is largely due to modern farming tactics which rely on chemical fertilizers and [read more...]

New Research Says Marijuana Is 114 Times Safer Than Drinking Alcohol

If you were to ask law enforcement or the U.S. government, they’d tell you that marijuana is unsafe, addictive, and has no medical uses. Of course, any thinking person knows that’s a crock of you-know-what. And now, a new study has found that the controversial plant is 114 times less likely to harm you than alcohol. In fact, they found that booze was the deadliest [read more...]


Stress can come up quickly unexpectedly, but difficult to ease. Those that do yoga know that it can calm your mind and body, as well as deliver numerous health benefits. Many of the poses also serve as a back self-massage, easing stress even more! You can be either a complete newcomer to yoga, or an experienced expert, to get the most from the below poses listed in the [read more...]

Mom-asana: Finding the Moment With Pranayama

Internationally recognized yoga teacher and mother of two Janet Stone, who will lead our upcoming Yoga for Moms online course (enroll now and be the first to know when this mom-inspired course launches), is offering YJ readers a series of weekly “mom-asanas” for strength, fitness, and grounding. This week’s practice: Finding the moment with pranayama. In the hustle [read more...]
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